Mai Huli O`e I Kokua O Ke Kai !
Respect the Ocean !


Vidéo Biarritz Spirit with some Bodysurf point of view inside



Biarritz Forever

Biarritz & Pays Basque
Association 1901 depuis 2006

biarritz surf forever by Guillaume Louyot
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Body Surfing
(Music/ Lyrics: Carlos Santana & Alexander J. Ligertwood)

Took a walk, down by the ocean
I was alone, nothing on my mind
As I stood there, I saw the devotion
That the surf had with the shore
I felt this emotion, of the sea
Pulling me


Big Kahuna, tide was high
I began bodysurfing for my life


Ecstasy, sky and the sea
Embracing me
Golden sun on my face
Giving life to me

Unafraid I let go
Trusting in the deep blue sea
We became one with each other
Watching the tide as it drifts away


I spoke to me daddy
Said to me, son
You got to go find a job
And bring some money into the family
For your mommy and me

I say, Daddy, me want to go to the seashore
And bodysurf all day long
Me no wanna work
Me wanna play
Me wanna bodysurf all day
Me told him
Me wanna go bodysurfing
Me tell him
Me tell him
No, me wanna go







"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."
Theodore Roosevelt